Specialities we produce/convert and pack for industrial use.


We are specialized and equipped to prepare and produce in our facilities with own formulations and blends, according to customers requirements the following products to be packed with our blends or those supplied by the customer for:

  • Fine cut for Roll your Own (RYO), cut rag for MYO or cigarettes with fruity or intensive, Pipe tobacco rubbed, Shisha, hookah ready to be packed for retail or flavoured molasses for tobacco, Chewing tobacco, Wet and dry snuff, snus as well as expanded stems, Volume tobacco and liquid extracts for E-cigarettes.
  • Liquids and jellified products we pack in canisters, drums or tanks. Starting from 10 ml. to 1.000 Kg. Tobacco we pack in C48 cartons to the density required. Our long and proven experience to produce for third parties is a guarantee of quality at sustainable prices. Samples and adaptations to customers’ needs will be supplied to guarantee standardized execution. According to the specific type of product and processing minimum quantities must be set.